09/04/05 Boston Triathlon Chris Li
09/04/05 Boston Triathlon Laurie Damianos
08/06/05 Boston Light Swim Dori Miller
07/26/05 Mooseman Cort Cramer
07/26/05 Mooseman Maddie Shaw-Moran
07/26/05 Mooseman Maddie Shaw-Moran
07/24/05 Ironman USA - Lake Placid Chris Cavallerano
06/19/05 Ashland Triathlon Chris Li
05/29/05 Ironman Brazil Regina O'Toole
05/22/05 Florida Half Elaine DeBitetto
05/01/05 Training Weekend I Chris Li
05/01/05 Training Weekend II Elaine DeBitetto
2/27/05 Hyannis Marathon Maggie O'Toole
3/05/05 Multi-Sport Expo Elaine DeBitetto
2/29/04 Hyannis Marathon
3/6/04 USAT Expo
3/7/04 Coast to Coast Challenge Sean Hartman
3/14/04 Ras na hEireann U.S.A. Josh Fisher
4/3/04 Ralph's Half Ironman Rob Sczupak
4/19/04 Boston Marathon Ride
4/25/04 Wrentham Duathlon Chris Li
5/13/04 Training Weekend I
5/13/04 Training Weekend II Nicole Kraimer
5/13/04 Training Weekend III Colleen Flanigan
5/30/04 Liberty to Liberty Triathlon Ken Chern, Karen Ghiron, Katie O'Dair
6/6/04 Escape From Alcatraz Regina O'Toole
6/13/04 Ashland Triathlon Kristen Wozny
6/19/04 Swim Clinic Josh Fisher
7/3/04 Sater Triathlon Amanda Pearson, Rachel Saks
7/11/04 Fairlee Triathlon I Elaine DeBitetto
7/11/04 Fairlee Triathlon II
7/24/04 Big Man Run IX Rob Sczupak
7/25/04 Lake Placid I Kristen Wozny
7/25/04 Lake Placid II Kristen Wozny
7/25/04 Lake Placid III Paul and Elaine DeBitetto
7/25/04 Lake Placid IV Rob Sczupak
8/8/04 Postal 5k Swim Elaine DeBitetto
8/22/04 Timberman I Elaine DeBitetto
8/29/04 Xterra Tri Juli Jones
9/5/04 Monster Challenge I Elaine DeBitetto
9/5/04 Monster Challenge II Chris Li
9/5/04 Monster Challenge III Chris Li
9/11/04 Hyannis 2 Elaine DeBitetto
11/12/04 Year-End Banquet Elaine DeBitetto
11/12/04 Year-End Banquet II Evan Israelson
11/20/04 Pub Run Evan Israelson

If you have any pictures to submit to BTT for posting, please think about setting up a "photo website" online. This can easily be done at numerous websites, popular options being Shutterfly.com and the Kodak Picture Center. In this manner, we can still have all team members contribute photos for viewing, but they can be posted much quicker (plus it will free up much-needed resources on the team website). We will gladly link any team members' photo website to this page at their request. We will also post other pictures that are not uploaded to these sites, but all links will still be here on the "Team Photos" page.