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Boston Triathlon Team Volunteer Events

An integral part of our teams mission is to not only promote the sport of triathlon through competitive participation, but to also support and promote a well-balanced, healthy, active lifestyle. To acheive this, the team has had a long history of volunteering and community service. This has included helping out at races, providing free coaching and mentoring to new athletes for the Monster Challenge/Boston Triathlon, and community service that benefits all. Each year, we support a varied list of events that we wish to support as an entire team. These events are open to the general public, and represent a great way to meet members of the team to help you with choosing a team, should you be a prospective member. For current members, these events provide a way to meet our membership minimum participation requirements and are also featured in the tent-series competition with nifty prizes awarded to the winner.

If you can help out, please fill out the form below, choosing your events. You may revisit this form any number of times add new events as fits your schedule. We thank you for your consideration in giving back to the community and wish you success throughout the season!

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